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Who is k. jay?

Hello and welcome to k. jay crafted

My name is Kryshana (KJ) Felders. I am a teacher assistant , youth leader, crafter, baker, and much much more. I have had a love for kids since I was just a preteen. This has lead me down many avenues connected to children, including; Sunday school, youth groups, daycare, summer camps, and the public school system.

I truly believe that today's youth and young people have so much to say and not nearly enough places or ways they can say it. I am confident that part of my purpose from God is to help young people find a way to express their voice.

And that has led me to k. jay crafted. I started making canvases when I wanted my niece to have a nice name decoration in her room when she was born. That was almost four years ago. I really enjoyed the process of paper to canvas and tried to market it but came up short and that dream died before it could truly take life.

However, through the miraculous planning and path crossing ways of Christ, I met an amazing woman of God years ago who is now taking me through the journey of trying again. I have decided to give this another go, but this time, with the support of like minded women who help build each other up.

What is k. jay crafted?

The ultimate purpose of k. jay crafted has switched, evolved, matured, and blossomed rapidly. While its initial purpose will be to help me earn my teaching degree, there is a much bigger goal in my heart.

With guidance from God and amazing women and men of Christ, I know k. jay crafted will become a safe haven for young people to express themselves, not just through words, but whatever method they desire most; dancing, cooking, baking, crafting, painting, music, etc.

While k. jay crafted may still be in its humble beginning, I am trusting God to take it to places beyond my wildest dreams!

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